Heritage Gold Group Review

Gold and silver IRAs can really transform a portfolio! More lucrative than stocks, bonds, or mutual funds, gold IRA companies can assist anyone with a rollover to this tangible asset. Heritage Gold Group is one of those gold and silver IRA companies that can assist you with this process, but are they the best IRA company to use? And can they really help you grow true wealth quickly?

What Are the Costs to Start a Gold IRA?

The primary costs associated with Heritage Gold Group involve transaction fees for the gold or silver coins that you decide to purchase. It takes about two weeks to rollover your existing IRA or 401k into a gold or silver IRA plan that features precious metals. There are storage fees associated with this account based on the value of your IRA, but with a minimum $25,000 account Heritage Gold Group will pay those fees for 36 months.

Self-storage gold IRAs are also available through Heritage Gold Group. This requires the creation of an LLC business and those costs and fees are different in each state. There will also be fees to store the physical gold or precious metals that are being stored as federal law does not typically allow for on-site tax-advantaged gold storage. Heritage will help individuals setup their LLC and provide assistance with all state article filings, including a tax identification number and banking authorizations, for an undisclosed fee.

What Types of Precious Metals Are Available?

Heritage Gold Group focuses primarily on gold or silver coins to help give you investment diversity through metals trading. Most of the products displayed through their website are proofs, although there is some trade in rare coins as well. There is an indication that other precious metals could be included in with your gold IRA, but we could not obtain confirmation of this without an account.

Platinum and palladium are also available for sale through Heritage Gold Group. Some of the products that are offered for sale may or may not be considered suitable for a gold IRA, so it is best to consult with a customer service specialist over certain items. Heritage does include a green banner on certain precious metals that are IRA approved for easy recognition. Pricing is based on the spot price for the precious metals at the time of purchase in most instances and a helpful ticker for those prices runs along the top of the site.

With that being said, gold coins lead the way for purchase at Heritage. From the Gold American Buffalo to the unique styling of the Gold Vienna Philharmonic that was first minted in Austria in 1989, there are many investment options that fit inside and outside of an IRA for consideration. This is, in part, what helps Heritage to stand out as an organization.

What Is the Buying and Selling Process?

This is a quote from Heritage Gold Group: “When your precious metals IRA is funded, we’ll help you exchange some or all of your paper-backed assets for physical gold and silver. Our gold IRA experts will work with you to ensure you add the right mix of precious metals for your financial goals.” You’ll work directly with a representative to decide which gold and silver coins are suitable for your gold IRA to make sure you have enough diversification to protect yourself against another drop in value.

Heritage Gold Group also offers those interested in created a tax-advantaged retirement account a free guide in how to succeed financially with a gold IRA rollover. It is filled with trending information about the precious metals market and offers solid advice about the pros and cons of diversification through these products. There are also a number of e-books and reports that are free to download from their site.

What Timeframes Can Be Expected?

Once the purchase is initiated, the average time it takes for fulfillment is about 10 business days. This timeframe is variable and not guaranteed. Heritage Gold Group also works with an independent custodian to help secure your new precious metals investments and they will perform the tracking paperwork that is mandated by the US government to further insure the asset on your behalf. Once you turn 59 ½, you can then begin receiving disbursements from the IRA. 

If you choose the self-storage option, expect 5-10 business days for the complete account setup process to be completed if this is a brand new gold or silver IRA. From checkbook authorization through the IRA to the LLC creation process, the complete rollover experience may take up to 60 days to complete.

Is Heritage Gold Group the Right Company To Use?

Locating Heritage God Group may be confusing for some investors at first, but the superior levels of service that this company has always provided still exists. Investors are still able to receive the same top quality gold, silver, and precious metals for their retirement that they’ve always been able to find. This has been the trademark of this organization and it continues to be. This is why they are highly regarded in the precious metals’ industry right now.

Everything with this organization does seem to be on the up and up. If anything, the one concern we do have is that the custodian of your gold and silver is supposed to be independent, so having a locked-in relationship with a custodian to hold your assets is a bit worrisome in some respects. Having the option for a self-managed LLC IRA for gold and precious metals helps to counter those worries, but may not be right for all investors. It takes time to research all of the needed information about market growth, which Heritage provides well, but may not be suitable for those who need to invest with limited time.

For a company with an established reputation, we recommend Regal Assets. There is no question about how long it takes or who can get your gold, silver, or precious metals investments when you choose them as your gold IRA company. That’s why it is ours and compared to Heritage Gold Group, Regal Assets gets our recommendation every time.