Guidant Financial Review

When it comes to gold IRA companies, it is understandable that some of them diversify into other investment areas in order to find profitability. From stocks and bonds to mutual funds and other precious metals, it is important to find an organization that has a measure of profitability and success for its clientele.

When you look at Guidant Financial for your gold IRA needs, the first thing you’ll notice is that the focus isn’t on helping you with your retirement. It’s to help you start your small business! Is there a way this financial company could help you secure your own financial future?

How Much Does It Cost To Start a Gold IRA?

When you look at Guidant Financial’s website, you’ll notice that they tell you there are 3 billion reasons to choose them as your provider. The only problem is that none of these billions of reasons are associated with your gold IRA! Any investment company can help you rollover your IRA and help you effectively manage it, but that is clearly not the focus of this organization. The links are to help you qualify for a small business loan, not manage your 401k or gold and silver IRA.

If you already have a Precious Metals IRA and you wanted to start your own small business, then you could take that account and roll it over through Guidant Financial through the Rollovers for Business Start-ups laws of 1974. You’d have to pay yourself a salary, provide a legitimate service to your community, and be actively engaged in commerce. The company has to be a C-Corporation in order to qualify.

What Precious Metals Are Available To You?

Because this investment company treats your IRA as a standard item, you’ll be using typical investment strategies to secure the precious metals that you want. That means you’ll be investing through the market to obtain the metals that you wish to incorporate in your fund. Your gold IRA won’t receive any specialized help as it would at some gold and silver IRA companies and you’ll find yourself stuck with a lot of decisions to make even though you’re paying a representative through fees to help you.

Or to put things simply: you will have to do all of the work to fund your IRA through Guidant Financial and follow gold IRA rules of tangible investment placement. The goal here isn’t to create a precious metals IRA. It is to help people create a business opportunity that is debt-free because it is funded out of retirement money.

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What Is the Buying and Selling Process?

Everything is handled through a representative and is done through the usual buy/sell market trades that occur every day. If you are familiar with the buying or selling of stocks, bonds, or mutual funds, then you’re familiar with the buying and selling process at Guidant Financial.

In looking at the IRA/401k FAQ pages that are offered by this organization, it is interesting to note that there are no actual questions about making an IRA contribution. Advice is given about maximum 401k contributions to the small business 401k retirement plans that are promoted and there is general advice on how to run a business, but no help at all from a self-service standpoint about managing an IRA.

Of particular concern is a franchising page that is on Guidant Financial’s site that encourages new business owners to start or purchase this kind of business out of their IRA. They link directly to franchise opportunities at a third party website. Then their best advice is to find one you want, get information about it from the third party site, and then talk to a Guidant Financial counselor so you can get that franchise opportunity funded.

What Timeframes Can Be Expected?

That’s an interesting question and we attempted to locate an answer for you. Upon speaking with a Guidant Financial representative, the first response was shock that there was the possibility of having an IRA based on precious metals. Then we were placed on hold so that the representative could speak with a supervisor for about 5 minutes. Upon returning, we were told that standard timeframes would apply and then asked if we had any further questions.

You can pre-qualify for small business financing through a tax advantaged retirement account online at Guidant Financial’s home page. Free consultations about your potential business and its structure are also available. Loans and other resources to help supplement retirement accounts is also available to those looking to create a profitable opportunity.

If you’re looking to begin a precious metals IRA, however, there is no option at all for this to be done. You can secure portfolio loans or learn about equipment leasing because the focus is clearly on creating business opportunities instead of retirement opportunities funded through gold and silver.

Is Guidant Financial The Right Company To Use?

If your focus is to enhance a small business or create a start-up, then we’d fully recommend Guidant Financial to secure some liquid capital funds to work on growing your brand. Considering we’re discussing how to effectively manage and grow your gold IRA, however, we’ll have to stick with gold IRA companies that focus on the financial products instead of treat them as just another option for you to consider.

That’s why we prefer a gold IRA company like Regal Assets. If you want to start a small business with your tax-advantaged retirement accounts, then maybe Guidant Financial has what you need. In terms of precious metals and investing in them as a retirement vehicle, however, Regal Assets is an organization that is better structured to meet your needs.

Here’s why. With the industry specific knowledge and experiences of Regal Assets, the management of your gold retirement account becomes much easier to accomplish. As a gold and silver IRA company, you’ll find that Regal Assets is a head and shoulders above organizations such as Guidant Financial when it comes to creating a strong financial foundation for a retirement instead of a business opportunity.