One of the best reasons to invest into an IRA or a 401k is that you can self-direct many of the transactions that take place over time. That’s the selling point of using Broad Financial Company as your gold IRA representative, offering you a streamlined approach to precious metals investments that can give you the diversification your portfolio may need. With help rolling over even a self-employed 401k, could this organization be the gold IRA company you’ve been looking to find?

How Much Does It Cost To Get a Gold IRA?

One of the first benefits you’ll notice with choosing Broad Financial Company as your gold IRA company is that there are no-fee transactions associated with a purchase of precious metals. You’ll also get real time quotes to make investing easier. What you’ll also notice is that there isn’t a specialty in metals trading at all. The emphasis is more on tax liens, real estate, and even Bitcoin investments over gold.

There is no cost to rollover an existing IRA into a gold IRA from Broad Financial. Because a limited liability corporation must be formed, there will be incorporation fees based on the rules and regulations of your local jurisdiction. In California, for example, an IRA with less than $250,000 of income would cost $800 per year. If income were to achieve $1 million through investments, the California fee would be $6,800.

It is true that having a self-directed IRA is the ultimate way to plan for a personal retirement. Broad Financial scores an advantage over other providers in that it even helps new members setup checking accounts with local institutions so they can easily manage their tax-advantaged account. If there is a time sensitive deal for gold that needs money now, this organization gives users the tools it needs to find success.

For a little added confusion, however, Broad Financial offers different names for the same IRA product that they are offering. Whether it is called an “Advantage” IRA, a “Real Estate” IRA, or an “IRA LLC,” what you’re receiving with your gold IRA from this organization is a checkbook controlled tax-advantaged account that is structured to be self-directed with setup help only from Broad Financial.

What Types of Precious Metals Are Available?

Broad Financial Company does offer gold, silver, and platinum investment options. Their site is helpful for the fact that it specifically lists the requirements for making a gold IRA investment, as well as the standards of the other precious metals you might be considering. Only certain rare coins and only a certain minimum grade of bullion can be put into a guardian bank and this information helps to remove questions you might have.

The advantage with Broad Financial compared to some other organizations that also provide gold IRAs is that you get to direct the purchase of the gold through the created checkbook accessibility. Many gold IRA providers rely on what is known as the “trust” model for gold investments. In other words, you have to trust them to secure the proper quality of gold and store it for you. With Broad Financial, you have to do all of the work, but that also means you get more of a reward later on down the road.

The trust model also has additional management fees and costs in many organizational models. Those costs are eliminated by the Broad Financial checkbook plan.

How Is the Buying and Selling Process Handled?

Perhaps the nicest aspect of utilizing Broad Financial Company is the fact that working with them is like working with any other stock or mutual fund representative. You can initiate transactions immediately with your representative and have fast turnarounds so that you can have your investments received by your controlling bank. This makes using this gold and silver IRA company quite tempting indeed!

If you’ve created a checkbook with Broad Financial’s assistance, then you get to initiate the transactions and send out the funds that are required for the purchase. You’ll need to know all of the investment rules for gold and precious metals to proceed and could subject yourself to universal business taxes and other fees or penalties if incorrect transactions are initiated, but the well-informed investor could do well with this type of gold IRA.

What Timeframes Can Be Expected?

You can expect an almost immediate turnaround on any transaction request to initiate the purchase or sale of your precious metals commodities. After the sale is made, the custodian of your gold, silver, or platinum from Broad Financial Company will then complete the transaction and this takes about 30 days on average. You’ll realize the profits from a sale immediately or get the right price for your gold IRA investment.

That is the advantage of the checkbook model. It acts like any other transaction, allowing those who hold the self-directed IRA to move at the speed of business instead of the speed of trading. Another great opportunity may never need to slip out of your grasp again with an IRA that is structured in this manner.

Is Broad Financial Company the Right One To Use?

There are a few complaints listed for this organization, but to be fair the way they are written makes it seem like the complaint is coming from an investor who made a poor purchasing decision. Our primary concern is the lack of emphasis on gold and silver trading. It’s not even on the home page! For precious metals, you want someone who really knows the market and the commodity so that you get the most bang for your buck. For that reason, we recommend Regal Assets as your gold IRA company because of their experience and knowledge within this field.

Broad Financial may score a couple of advantages in the structure of the self-directed IRA and for those who want complete independence, it may seem like a viable choice. For those in high fee LLC jurisdictions, however, Regal Assets is definitely a better investment choice for a gold IRA.