Blanchard and Company Review

Calling themselves the premier resource for gold investment strategies, one look at their website clearly shows you that trading in gold is their primary emphasis. As a gold IRA company, you’ll also notice that there is a heavy emphasis on the trading of gold coins and silver rounds more than anything else. For those that prefer bullion, you’ll already likely want to go elsewhere.

Founded in 1975, more than 450,000 people have chosen Blanchard and Company as their preferred provider of precious metals of investment quality. For those that prefer rare coins and other gold IRA investments, here is a look at the company to see if it could be right for your needs.

How Much Does It Cost To Begin a Gold IRA?

Offering a 100% buyback guarantee, our interest was piqued when we first started looked at Blanchard And Company as a gold IRA company. Not every organization offers such a guarantee, so that was heartening. They’ll help you set up your IRA and find the precious metals that you wish to include with your new IRA or 401k rollover. They’ll help you select a custodian bank to hold your new purchases as well. Most purchases, however, require a bank transfer or cash payment, which is indicative of high commission rates. Credit card purchases are only allowed on certain products.

What is interesting about Blanchard Gold is that they say “there are no single transactions here.” Their goal is to develop a long-term relationship with anyone who wants to invest into gold and other precious metals. All investors are assigned a dedicated advisor who will advocate for your personal best interests. Not many other gold companies offer this type of service.

What Types of Precious Metals Are Available?

Blanchard and Company clearly prefers to handle gold transactions. There are options for silver purchases and sales, but this is clearly not emphasized in the information that is provided to potential investors. Storage options if you prefer to directly purchase an investment outside of an IRA are available and there is helpful information about how to judge the worthiness of a rare coin investment.

For those looking to invest into an IRA, it is important to mention what type of purchase you wish to make. These are not differentiated on the website within the purchasing screens, so fractional coins, certified coins, bars, and other options are all available. If you really want to buy large, Blanchard even offers a box of 500 1 ounce gold American Eagle coins for more than half a million dollars, though dates are not part of the choice.

How Is the Buying and Selling Process Handled

If you purchase from this gold IRA company, you do have the buyback guarantee. You’ll also have the opportunity to sell to Blanchard and Company, though the offered prices tend to be below even the industry low price that is offered for most precious metals. No purchases or sales can be initiated through the website either – every purchase must be completed over the phone, which can be a security issue for some.

Shipping is via UPS or USPS and every order is registered and insured. Free shipping applies to orders over $1,000 according to information on Blanchard’s shipping page for only three types of coins, but insurance fees can be as high as $90 per every $1,000 of the face value merchandise that is purchased. On a simulated online purchase of 49 1oz Krugerrand coins with a value of $55,559.14 at the time of writing, we would be charged a shipping and handling fee of $99.00.  No orders for Blanchard and Company products may originate from anywhere outside of the United States and its territories.

Blanchard also mentions that there is a “nominal minting and distribution fee” that is added to orders placed over the phone. Since all orders must be confirmed by phone, this means all orders will have this fee added to it. This fee was not listed on the online ordering system when we placed a simulated order for Krugerrand gold coins.

Returns are not available if you are not satisfied with the product when it is received unless agreed upon by the assigned representative. Blanchard will, however, purchase the tangible assets purchased from them at any time for the current price of gold.

What Timeframes Can Be Expected?

At Blanchard and Company, shipping and insurance fees are $90 per every $1,000 worth of value that you purchase. This means that a $10,000 silver IRA purchase would have a shipping and insurance fee of $900. This fee also applies to shipments sent directly to an investor utilizing USPS or UPS as the primary shipping options. This is for the face value, not the metal value, of the coin involved. A $5 face value coin priced at $20 would have a shipping and insurance cost of $0.45.

There is no listed processing time for orders that are placed. Payment by personal check requires a holding period of 7 days for the payment to clear. 3 days is required for money orders or cashier’s checks. Bank wires are listed as the fastest method of having an order cleared.

Should You Utilize Blanchard and Company?

Taking a look at the complaints that exist for this organization, there is a definite trend in place: if you don’t know a whole lot about investing into gold, then they’re going to do their best to take advantage of your inexperience to increase their profit margins. There is also no guaranteed shipping time, which means it could take up to 90 days for your order to be completed thanks to current precious metals distribution requirements. Your price will still be locked in from the moment the order is confirmed, but the turnaround time of the physical assets may make it difficult to take advantage of a profitable turn in the market.

Because of this, our recommendation is to utilize an organization such as Regal Assets for your gold or silver IRA needs instead of Blanchard And Company. Your shipping times are guaranteed, orders are simple to place, and the quality of the product is also guaranteed.